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Who We Do It For

Here’s who we’ve helped recently.

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  • “They are very quick in understanding what the problem is and can get to the heart of the business question quite fast, diagnose it even before we do, and find the best approach to bring insights to solve it.  Between the two of them, the solution really comes alive and before we know it, it is there!!!” Dilek Ozler, Senior CMI Spreads Unilever

  • ‘Impeccable understanding of not just insight generating techniques but also other business aspects including: organisational, behavioural and cultural elements.’ Janet Murphy, Cadburys, Global Insight Capability Manager

  • ‘…an incredible ability to get to the crux of a problem very quickly and come up with the thinking & process which shows you a way to navigate through the problem & come up with a vast range of possible solutions.’
    Ailsa Orr – International Marketing Director, Paramount Pictures

  • ” It was an absolute pleasure working with you.  We had many spontaneous comments from people working with us on the quality of thinking and leadership from Marketing Mums. The local team said it was the best workshop they had ever attended, a sentiment we would both echo. Last but not least, on this project the process was very tricky on timings/logistics and you rose to the challenge and never complained or got side tracked. You were very patient with us, so thank you for that” Maeve Bayles  Senior Brand Development Manager, Persil Global at Unilever

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  • Paul and Irene have been at the  heart of resetting the Tesco Brand. They have supported rebuilding our Own Brand architecture, positioning and propositions in particular our “Exclusively at Tesco Brands” and helped create our Non Food Brand Architecture and positioning. They were central to building the Jack’s Brand Positioning. They have also built innovation plans across multiple categories and countries. While their work speaks for itself, it is their style and approach that have made them an indispensable part of our team. Professional, responsive, authentic and above all exceedingly smart, Paul & Irene have been our go to partners and always an absolute pleasure to work with. – Murray Bisschop

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  • We kept using Marketing Mums during my 3 years leading AXE GLOBAL new fragrance launches, because they really helped us get the strategic yet creative consumer insights that are an indispensable component of successful and surprising new variant.  As a bonus, it was a good fun working with Marketing Mums! Ali Kashani – Axe Global Brand Manager
    “Marketing Mums really stand out for their expertise & a long history of understanding the consumer. Irene is a fantastic WS moderator that constantly add value through a Insight/Concept generation process”
    Jeronimo Cadenas – Lynx Global Brand Manager

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  • ‘Irene is a very positive force in any workshop. She brings a breathe of fresh air and energy wherever she goes, and has a lovely “bedside manner“ with all manner of people.    She has helped us develop core training material and deliver it across the world.’ Helen Lewis – Consumer Insight & Marketing Strategy Director, Unilever

  • ‘The success that Porter Novelli has enjoyed with its worldwide implementation of a common approach to develop target audience insights is a direct result of my business partner, Irene Jeffrey, and her company Marketing Mums. In my 25+ years of experience, mostly in FMCG, Marketing Mums, is at the top of my list in terms of being a highly valued partner’ – Joe Russo, Porter Novelli, VP Strategic Research and Planning.

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Behaviour Change

Market Growth

  • ‘The issues are thoroughly discussed, with much guidance from Marketing Mums on how to sharpen and refine the JTBD. There is a lot of help as well on planning the ethnography. The workshops are very well run, and reports are very comprehensive’ – Edie Acedera Rexona CMI

  • Paul and team were really helpful in finding relevant insights, moderating the workshop, challenging us to stick with JTBD during the workshop and also compiling the output – Burcu Eryilmaz. Knorr CMI.

  • Paul and his team consistently update their ‘tech’ to address evolving and challenging business issues, e.g., reaching consumers globally but economically.  Paul and his team are a very smart, conscientious, collaborative and engaging bunch which makes them a pleasure to work with whatever the challenge. ‘ – Colleen O’Hare Global Marketing Director J&J

  • Paul and his team are experts at identifying the real challenge/opportunity , formulating a bespoke plan to tackle it and through the process supporting and rolling up their sleeves to deliver concrete and practical solutions/tools that are authentic to the brand.’ – Colleen O’Hare Global Marketing Director J&J

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  • Irene and Marketing Mums have been fantastic partners throughout our journey to develop the Domestos sanitation behaviour change programme. Irene is a great and experienced marketer and guided us through a series of workshops and brainstorming sessions with energy, and professionalism. She helped us unlock key consumers insights and combine them with public health experts’ advices. With Irene we ultimately developed a practical tool to be used for creating consumer communication campaigns for behaviour change. It’s been a key milestone in our journey to craft our brand purpose, that cemented our expertise in the sanitation field, while making it even more relevant and impactful for the people we reach through our messages and programmes. It’s a pleasure to work with Irene, she challenges and pushes everyone’s creativity, always managing to connect all the dots and input from everyone beautifully‘ – Matteo Rizzi Global Manager Social Mission Expertise Home Care

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  • We had many spontaneous comments from people working with us on the quality of thinking and leadership from Marketing Mums. The team contacted us to say it was the best workshop they had ever attended, a sentiment we would both echo.

  • What I like about marketing mums!

    Great Preparation – success comes from great preparation, something Marketing Mums does brilliantly.

    Strategic minds – give Marketing Mums a thorny problem and they will unpack it into a clear process to get you to a sharp & single-minded answer

    Behaviour Change experts – Marketing mums are experts in behaviour change. They have a proven process to understand how to get people to move from doing what they do today, to what you want them to do tomorrow that takes all the academic theory and makes it practical.

    Brilliant facilitation – the team always deliver on your brief, pushing people (in a firm but nice way!) to get to the output you need – Sarah MacDonald, Global Director, Sustainability, Unilever.

  • The biggest difference I see in marketing mums versus other companies is on the planning stage. A lot of planning is done before we actually get to the workshop. A deep process of consumer understanding, filling the gaps and the identification of areas of opportunities usually happen as preparation. As a result the workshops are extremely focused and we can trespass the superficiality and really get to the deepest layers when it comes to insight generation.

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  • I think I love you guys!!! – Rodrigo Ferrari, Brand Director at Unilever China

  • ‘It has been a pleasure to work with Marketing Mums , right from inception, on collaborative creation & deployment of Behaviour Change tools, for Unilever . They have worked on this with passion, commitment and creativity. Look forward to more of it as we move ahead’ – B.V. Predeep Consumer & Market Insight Asia, Africa, Middle East, Turkey, Russia and Latin America

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