Sue on cakes

“I just can’t stop creating – from cake baking to continuously hunting for fresh stimulus – I’m a creative junkie”

Who We Are


People who come up with the best thinking have what we call Clout and Creativity. So, we’ve surrounded ourselves with a family of wonderfully creative and hugely experienced people


We have ex-creative directors who now write, ex-strategists who design interiors, ex agency owners who write songs, and of course, ex-career marketeers who are now lovely mums, hence our name.

See who they are

  • Alex:

    “Creating the best looking presentations brings me joy again and again”


    Clout - Graphic Design

    Creativity - Spanish Living

  • Chriss:

    “OCD, anally retentive. I’ve heard them all before. And worse. But there’s calmness and a special kind of beauty in order that makes it all worthwhile, and who doesn’t want to live a life of calming beauty?”


    Clout - Organisation

    Creativity - Order, filing

  • Denise:

    “As director of the London Comedy Film Festival I’m on a mission to champion the craft of comedy film through training, screenings and funding. It’s a craft that can come in handy during tense strategy debates”


    Clout - Strategic Thinking

    Creativity - Stand up comedy

  • Emma:

    “For some reason I’ve got the ability to conceptualise. I can look at empty space and see how to bring it to life – either in someone’s home, or as a client concept!”


    Clout - Concept Generation

    Creativity - Interior design

  • Irene:

    “Yes it’s an obsession, but I can’t help myself when I see the potential of a beautiful house that just needs unleashing. And it’s the same with a business idea too.”


    Clout - Facilitation

    Creativity - Renovation

  • Katie:

    “With over 20 years of marketing for Unilever & Tesco – it’s my teenage girls who keep me happily on my creative toes!”


    Clout - Concepts

    Creativity - Teenagers

  • Paul:

    “It’s all about energy. If I can bring mine to yours, we can co-create really amazing insights and ideas together”


    Clout - Strategic Planning

    Creativity - Making music

  • Simon B:

    “I honesty can not think of anything as fun, as all consuming or as unimportant a thing to do with my time than illustrating children’s books. And I bring a little of that fun into my brand illustration work too.”

    Simon B

    Clout - Graphic Design & Illustration

    Creativity - Kids illustrations

  • Simon DT:

    “Man has always had a fundamental need to tell and listen to stories, it’s one of ways we learn, remember and connect. Telling stories is part of being human. And brands thrive on the stories they tell”

    Simon DT

    Clout - Creative Ideas

    Creativity - Writing

  • Simon F:

    “From mixing desks to brands unleashing potential; purpose is part of Simon’s DNA”

    Simon F

    Clout - Purposeful Brands

    Creativity - Club DJ

  • Sue:

    “I just can’t stop creating – from cake baking to continuously hunting for fresh stimulus – I’m a creative junkie”


    Clout - Stimulus

    Creativity - Cakes

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