Chriss on Order, filing

“OCD, anally retentive. I’ve heard them all before. And worse. But there’s calmness and a special kind of beauty in order that makes it all worthwhile, and who doesn’t want to live a life of calming beauty?”


Paul and Irene have been at the  heart of resetting the Tesco Brand. They have supported rebuilding our Own Brand architecture, positioning and propositions in particular our “Exclusively at Tesco Brands” and helped create our Non Food Brand Architecture and positioning. They were central to building the Jack’s Brand Positioning. They have also built innovation plans across multiple categories and countries. While their work speaks for itself, it is their style and approach that have made them an indispensable part of our team. Professional, responsive, authentic and above all exceedingly smart, Paul & Irene have been our go to partners and always an absolute pleasure to work with. – Murray Bisschop