Simon B on kids illustrations

“I honesty can not think of anything as fun, as all consuming or as unimportant a thing to do with my time than illustrating children’s books. And I bring a little of that fun into my brand illustration work too.”


Irene and Marketing Mums have been fantastic partners throughout our journey to develop the Domestos sanitation behaviour change programme. Irene is a great and experienced marketer and guided us through a series of workshops and brainstorming sessions with energy, and professionalism. She helped us unlock key consumers insights and combine them with public health experts’ advices. With Irene we ultimately developed a practical tool to be used for creating consumer communication campaigns for behaviour change. It’s been a key milestone in our journey to craft our brand purpose, that cemented our expertise in the sanitation field, while making it even more relevant and impactful for the people we reach through our messages and programmes. It’s a pleasure to work with Irene, she challenges and pushes everyone’s creativity, always managing to connect all the dots and input from everyone beautifully‘ – Matteo Rizzi Global Manager Social Mission Expertise Home Care