Caroline on numbers

“I hated school, apart from Mrs Hipson’s class, even though I hated her too – but she was the school math’s teacher and numbers were my first crush. They’re something you can 100% rely on. They will always behave how you expect them to. That’s rare.”


We kept using Marketing Mums during my 3 years leading AXE GLOBAL new fragrance launches, because they really helped us get the strategic yet creative consumer insights that are an indispensable component of successful and surprising new variant.  As a bonus, it was a good fun working with Marketing Mums! Ali Kashani – Axe Global Brand Manager

“Marketing Mums really stand out for their expertise & a long history of understanding the consumer. Irene is a fantastic WS moderator that constantly add value through a Insight/Concept generation process”
Jeronimo Cadenas – Lynx Global Brand Manager